DVD with two tones

Just need a bit of help here.

My friend recently burned a bunch of data onto a DVD disk for me from his laptop.

But when I got the DVD, it has two tones burnt on it.

Lead in > Dark > Light > Empty > Edge
Problem right there,

The entire disk should be about 4 gigs, and that is the number i was given if I select all the files on the disk (Ctrl - A)

But when i copy-past all the files to by computer, only 2.5 gigs showned up…

I am missing files, lots of them…

I needed those data to finish my work but my friend went over seas and locked his computer up, the Bastard. :a

Maybe he has used Multisession mode on DVD,which is always a bad idea…

chef is probably right

with multisession mode, you can have multiple sessions on disc(forgot how many sessions). when you create a new session, files in older session can be “deleted” on -r or +r media this will result in space.

program like isobuster should be able to show you how many sessions are on the disc, and retrieve files from both sessions.

their just cached and over written arent they :confused:

Do you refer to Multisession?

Multisession works like this:
1st session will be written and closed, disc stays open.
2nd session includes referrers to all data in session 1 and will be written onto the disc too.
Either the disc will be closed or left open for more sessions…

boy this is going to be troublesome…

Not if you have incd installed or you know HOW it were recorded…

like i said isobuster will see all sessions and let you know what is recorded on all sessions.