DVD will play in Durabrand but not Sony

I burned a movie onto a DVD+R disk and it plays fine in my computer and my Durabrand PDV-709. It will not play in my Sony DVP-NS575P. The player recognizes that there is a disk but it says “cannot play”. Any ideas?

You can try burning another copy at a lower speed. If you are using 16x media in a desktop dvd drive, try 8x speed for the burn. You can also bitset a +R disk to make it more compatible. Tell us what burner you are using and we can tell you if it has this capability.

A -R disk, burned at moderate speed might also work, though not if this player is particularly picky. Have you been able to play burned dvds in it before now?

The Sony might be a picky reader. A few thing: You can try a different brand of DVD, Verbatim or TY, slow the burn speed to half the rated speed of your media, set the book type to Dvd-Rom if your burner allows it, and/or try cleaning the lens of your Sony.

Did you burn it in DVD Video format?

Your computer and some DVD players may be able to play movies in formats, that other DVD players cannot play, such as AVI, MP4, M4V, MOV, XVID, DIVX, or other formats.

I don’t know the specifics of your Durabrand and Sony players, but the only format plabavle by all DVD players is “DVD Video”; this can be recognized as a VIDEO_TS folder containing some *.vob , *.ifo and *.bup files, but the disc also needs to be burned as a “DVD Video” disc (which means UDF 1.02 with a ISO9660 bridge) and not as a plain data disc.

It may be easier to know if the disc is in the right format, if you tell us which program(s) you used to create the disc.

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I am not sure what kind of burner I have…When I put a blank disk in the computer “Cyberlink Power2Go” comes up. Maybe that’s it? It came installed in my compaq presario desktop… I am using DVD+R disks. I tried burning at 4X instead of the maximum 16X and still nothing. The disks being used are Philips if that helps.