DVD will not read in stand alone player

I am runing XP with an Intel 2.4 gig, 712 mb pc2700, samsung dvd-rom and a plextor 708a burner. Software used is dvd shrink and nero I have backedup 3 dvd’s. They will play fine on the computer but will not play in my new stand along player or the ps-2. One did play after burning in the ps-2 but only once. When trying to view it a second time it would not load. Any suggestions as to what is wrong?

Possibly crappy media and/or Player doesn’t read burned DVD’s well. What player and media are you using ?

I am using Fuji +R and a Panasonic DVD stand alone. After checking the manufacturer web site the Panasonic does not play +R. However, the PS2 does support +R and it will not play the burnt discs. It did play one only the first time I tried but not the second time. Strange.:frowning:

It may be a good idea to scan your DVDs and see how their quality is. As you don’t own a LiteOn drive, you can’t use the magnificant KProbe. You can use either the Nero CD/DVD speed tool (not a good testing utility, but it always reveals some info) or the somewhat better DVDInfoPro to see how your discs perform in your computer.

If their perfomance isn’t that good, you most likely found the reason why the PS/2 doesn’t like the burned discs.

Another thing that could be the case, is that the PS/2 just might not like certain media… supported or not!