DVD will not play

I’m sure this is a Newbie question, but I hope the answer is simple…

I have been trading some DVDs with a friend in Germany. I recently received a DVD from him, and I put it in my Panasonic DMR-EH75V Hard Drive/DVD/VHS player and I get a “Can’t Play” message. The DVD’s play fine in my computer, and they are not copy protected material.

Whe I open “My Computer” the DVD drive says “Storagelabs TinyUDF Volume”. I’m not sure if this is significant.

When you open the files, there are 2 main folders, Video_TS and ZTEMP. Inside the VIDEO_TS folder is the following:

VTS_01_0 IFO File 80KB
VTS_01_0.BUP BUP File 80KB
VTS_01_1 MPEG File 1 GB
VTS_01_2 MPEG File 1 GB
VTS_01_3 MPEG File 1 GB
VTS_01_4 MPEG File 800 MB

Inside the ZTEMP file is one file:


I’m just looking to be able to play these DVD’s on a standard DVD player.

Thanks for your help!

Your DVD doesn’t show a standard DVD-video structure - if that’s the case you’d have 2 folders Audio_TS and Video_TS.
Instead you have ZTEMP and get the message about the kind of UDF file system in the disc.
Looking here you can see what it means: http://www.storagelabs.com/products/tinyudf/
Searching on that maybe you find a way to convert/copy the disc in a way your home player recognizes it.

I do not know where you live, but Germany uses PAL for TV playback.
They will play on computer but not on standalone if you are in different format region.
Get GSpot to check those VTS files to see what they are. You may have to convert to NTSC if applicable.
If you are in PAL zone than make new folder on HD with the name of the movie and copy Video_Ts to that folder also make AUDIO_TS folder in main movie folder (you will have two sub folder Video_Ts and Audio_Ts within one movie folder), after that use Nero or other burning software to make new DVD.
It looks that all necessary files are in Video-Ts folder already.

Use Imgburn, create a DVD in build mode and bun it to RW. Then test it.

It depends on yourplayer if you can watch it without conversion or not…

I have a similar panasoc DVD Vhs recorder comb- not the exact same model as yours thoguh.

My player will not play DVDs made on PC if they are on DVD-R blank media, but will play then ok if I use DVD+R media.

The player will happily use trhe same -R media for dubbing VHS to DVD, but it seems unable to read -R which has been written at higher speeds using a PC.

I’ve tested this with 2 brands of discs - my Panasonic plays all +R single & dual layer burns, but not -R burns.

So check what media your firend is using and maybe ask him try a different make of blank