DVD will not play on Panny RV30

I read some info via Google that indicates my Panny DVD-RV30 set top player will play DVD-R disks. I didn’t have any DVD-R handy, so I used Vision Express and the Book Setting utility for my LiteOn 851S to burn some video on to a DVD+R set to DVD-ROM. The DVD plays fine on my computer, of course, but will not play on my RV30. That is, it IS recognized as a DVD, the menu comes up. I can select the PLAY icon on the menu, but the actual DVD Movie never plays. Using KProbe I see that the disk is recognized as a DVD-ROM, and PI < 200 across the disk. So what else can I try?

I even reburned the video with VE, but this time picking Play Movie When Inserted, instead of stopping at the menu, and it still stops at the menu.

Isn’t DVD-ROM supposed to be as (if not more) compatible than DVD-R? BTW, I’m using Ricoh JPNR01 4x disks.