Dvd will burn but nothing else will

Hello everyone, I have a Emprex DVD Dual 8x Internal DVD±R/±RW Drive, so it burns DVDs and Cds. Untill about 2 months ago everything was fine, then all of a sudden everytime i attempted to burn a data or audio cd the process would come up as an error. I tried using roxio, nero, and real player to burn and the same thing happens. I’ve tried switching the type of cds i use to burn and i get the same result. I can burn dvds with no problem but that’s as good as it gets, nothing else works. What is going on here?

Without the error message we cannot do a lot for you. What I always recommend when experiencing problems with a drive is to take it out and install it in another computer (if possible of course). This will rule out any system problems. If the drive works in another system then the problem lies with your computer, if the drive fails in another computer as well then the drive is the problem and you probably need to replace it (is your drive still under warranty?).

If you need more help please make sure your post details on your system (hardware), software, drivers, set-up, error messages (the exact ones), etc. Basically anything that could be important.

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I too purchased an Emprex 4x dvd cd rw 004 drive and I’ve never been able to get it to format dvd rw media, neighter dvd nor cd media either. Just won’t work with rw media but will write dvd+r and cd’s.
What a piece of junk. What a waste of money. I’ve downloaded the firmware and finally got an upgrade to work to 0051. Now there is a 0151 update but the upgrade always fails because it won’t find the device to update. What a piece of crap.
I’ve even reloaded xp, xpsp1, xpsp2, and non will work. I just downloaded a dos update that I’m about to try.
What a piece of junk, Emprex. ha. never again will I purchase junk at Fry’s because it’s cheap.