DVD-WiFi player needed


Hi Gang,
Looking for a decent Player with WiFi to take advantage of the escalating price of Charter/Spectrum. I hve no use for their phone service and it just kills me to pay for just the internet service. So I ask you guys if you have a inexpensive player before I take a stab at one of the many under $80 players. Anyone use a plain old player or good buy?


My instinct would be to buy pretty much any player, as long as it comes with a remote. (I’ve had recent experiences with TV/DVD player combos that don’t come with a remote. Generic remotes NEVER work, genuine replacements are WAY overpriced, and the TVs themselves don’t come with enough buttons to really function without a remote.)

Whatever you buy, make sure the store you buy it from accepts returns, since there’s always a possibility that whatever unit you buy is defective and/or crappy.

PS: Aren’t we all glad that giant Internet service providers keep merging? IDK about anyone else, but I just love not having any real competition among ISPs.:rolleyes:


I’m laughing pretty hard. Much the same as I feel. Have one picked out at NewEgg (never had a problem ) Refundable ,replaceable…made the mistake about the remote, I’ll check while I still have a chance to decline. Thanks for the reply.

Could’t find a yay or nay about the remote.


Well, strike one (not counting the 2 Sony’s I had before)(pre WiFi). All it did was flash on and off. Hardly could make any settings. When I finally got a movie to play it was on for 30 seconds then off for 10. Maybe try Samsung next.