DVD wallet safety for DVD's




I’ve always stored my precious DVD collection in DVD wallets (wallet-cases).

Now I noticed that the one I most recently bought does not play very nicely with dvd’s. Everytime I place a DVD into its sleeve scratches appear.

Then I made some tests. I brought one DVD that was of ideal quality as we can see in the first picture. Then I literally rubbed that poor DVD disk into the wallet nylon sleeve (in and out, in and out) about 100 times, applying as much force as I could.

Afterwards the DVD was covered with scratches as some kind of mist. I think that the scratches were very shallow because when I scanned it again (second picture) there was no noticeable change in quality.

Should I trust this wallet-case?



And the DVD itself:


I think it has alot to do with the type of materials they use to make the dvd blank media. Since you didn’t give what type of media you used it’s hard to know what to say??? As well as what type and make the dvd wallet your using would help as well. As with anything without giving more specs or details giving help is hard to do.


By Media ID we can deduce it’s Verbatim DVD+R 16x (MCC 004).

The case is

Advert says that:

Robust padding and weather-resistant outer material protect your precious cargo
Patented polypropylene ProSleeves keep dirt away to prevent scratching of delicate CD surface.

If any other info is needed, please don’t hesitate.


I use the Case Logic binders for the set of discs that gets a lot of use (I keep two sets)…as mentioned I think it does make a difference, the quality of the binders and the materials used.

I’ve had my discs in the Case Logic binders for a couple of years now, and they (the discs) have held up well when I’ve needed to use them. Granted, I don’t scan them these days though, as my scanning drives are in my “backup” PC.

If your discs are that precious, I would recommend backing them up to at least one other medium (HDD or another set of discs, preferably from a different manufacturer to the original set). Then you could keep your first set of discs in that binder, knowing you have a backup set if things go wrong. :slight_smile:

To answer your question, though: for your ONLY set of discs then no, I wouldn’t trust it; I’d use (slim) jewel cases.


Thank you for your informative and descriptive answer, Arachne.

Sadly, no other brand of dvd wallet-cases is available in my country (Lithuania).

And I found the cause - the case is made very durable, and as such, the walls and sockets are made from, respectively, specific nylon and nylon.

But this specimen has too tight sleeves, so the dvd, that is inserted, is hard-pushed into the sleeve.

Finally I’ve thought of an idea - to untighten those sockets by roughly inserting three DVDs at once (i have badly-burned dvd’s for such purposes).

Then the precious DVD can be inserted with much gentler force and the problem is solved for all future dvd’s. Unless, of course, the nylon walls are so messed up that the nylon scratches DVDs instead of protecting them.

So the problem is kind of solved, unless future experience shows otherwise :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your answers!



You’re welcome, let us know how the three-discs/loosening idea works :slight_smile: