DVD w/5 Titles to AVI?

i wish to convert a dvd with 5 titles to 2 avi files. problems is whichever program/method i use it always selects the longest title by default and gives no options to include ALL the titles in the finished AVI. even if i end up with one avi i don’t care cos i will split it. does anyone have a link to a guide or any advice please ?

screenshot -> http://img49.photobucket.com/albums/v150/willowwills/delta.jpg

Arr … Delta Goodrum, a nice DVD indead.

Check out the Tutorial section on how to use Vidomi to conver to avi. Its works with IFO files and not directly with the VOB’s.

ah, the ifo files ! now there’s an approach i have not tried yet. ok, i’ll give that a go. tah :wink: