DVD+VR, DVD-VR recording and playback on Lite-On LDW-851S

I checked on Lite-On America’s specs for the LDW-851S - and I don’t see DVD-VR or DVD+VR support? It’s hard for me to believe that it is not supported - is this a mistake, or is it truly not supported? Or - is it supported with a firmware update? I haven’t purchased this yet, I just would like to know before I purchase this. Does anyone out there know for a fact if it is or is not compatible with DVD+VR or DVD-VR recording?

  • Stilett0

I think the support of VR is NOT hardware dependent but software. In some case, the software need to be specifically compatible but DVD set top boxes are supposed to be compatible since VRmode is supposed to be compatible by design if I remember well.

For example, DVDShrink has probs with DVD+VR but I really never encountered any reading problem. Again, modifying a VR mode disc will require software support.

Hope It helps a bit.