I just bought and installed an NEC-2500A DVD burner. Now, I’d like to know how to burn a DVD which I can view on our standalone DVD player which only accepts DVD-Video.

I have Nero v.6 software.



if you have nero 6, use nerovision express, are you trying to convert video files (avi, mp4, wmv, mpg) to dvd video format, or have you allready got the ifo/vob files?

I’ve just taken a look at the DVD - it’s formatted using DVD-R and consists of IFO/VOB files plus 2 BUP files. These files are are in a folder named Video_ts. There is also a folder named Audio_ts. What’s the next step?

If the files were computer type files (avi, mpg, etc.), how would I create a DVD-Video?

By the way, I’ve got a pack of DVD+R blanks. Can I use these to create the DVD-Video?



Just use dvd shrink and dvd decryptor. it does most of the work for you unless it is to big and needs to be reauthored. first open dvd shrink and hit open file. a window will pop up and have the file name that u are talkin bout. just make sure the title of the movie is highlighted the audio and video files are are sub folders and will be included.
after two to three minutes(give or take) it will be finished.

after that u want to hit back up and a window will pop up asking what to do if you have the newest versions you will want to select create iso and burn with decryptor. and from there it will do the rest.

Most important about making back up is deciding what media suits you and your devices and etc., speeds,…

make sure to pick a specific folder for your iso file that way you can go back and remove it later that way you dont take up all your HD space

Hope i didnt leave anything out its late here. By the dvd shrink and dvd decryptor are freeware that can be downloaded from http://www.doom9.org/

if you have the video_ts files use nero express (at the top select DVD) then click “dvd video files”, then drag the video_ts folder and click next, give it a label and then burn, hope this helps, ben :slight_smile:


I followed your instructions and Nero burned my first DVD. Thanks. However, my standalone player said that there was a problem with the “region code” which prevented the DVD from playing. According to the device manager, the region code on the NEC-2500A is Region 1 which should be correct for California.

The DVD did play on my computer.


you need to make it “region free” use dvd shrink to do this