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This is my first post so i’ll say hi first! HI! - anyhoo now the pleasantries are finished with, heres my question (forgive me if its obvious but i’m new to all this)

Basically i just bought an LG burner and i’m trying to get some AVI files to work on my home DVD player (an Alba one) - I’ve got VCD’s and SVCD’s to work by burning them with Nero, they work just fine.

I can choose to convert and burn files as DVD-Video with Nero - but i’m not sure if this is correct. The AVI is about 700mb - and when i select it with Nero to be burnt as DVD-Video it tells me the disc size will be about 4gb (which is encouraging…i think!)

I know Nero will burn DVD Folders (VOB’s and things) - but if i burn AVI’s as DVD-Video - will the end result be the same as a normal DVD? (ie with all the VOB files/folders on the DVD?)

You should first convert your files with NeroVisionexpress, if the files are bigger, you can
reduce the quality or choose automatic, to fit these on a dvd. And yes Nero would create
after finishing converting, a video_ts folder with all the vob, bup etc. You can choose
between first import the file on your hdd, or directly burning on a disc after converting!

Welcome to CDF!
If you burn .avi as DVD, you will get an .avi file on a DVD disc. It is not a problem, if your standalone can play it. BUT: if you want - to quote you - a “normal” DVD, you have to convert the .avi file to so called DVD format (vob files, etc.). It can be done with numerous software, like Nero Vision Express, as rapid fire stated.

And some other very simple avi to DVD converter:

  1. winavi (www.winavi.com)
  2. dvdsanta (www.dvdsanta.com)

You can download the trialware.