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I’m trying to burn some video DVD from a Video_ts directory i have on my hard drive. Prior to installing PLextor 716 i had a BTC device and everything worked perfectly. I can successfully burn discs but when i play them back on a DVD player or even computer, video is defective and pixelating. I’m using same Maxell RG01 discs as before. I also made the same test on a DVD-RW disc with same result and even using PLextools. Don’t know what to do, maybe just buy another BTC drive!!!

What burning software do you use?
Try to convert the movie (showing the parent folder of the VIDEO_TS) to an ISO image file with ImgTooll Classic and then burn it with DVDDecrypter. Both are free to use.

Thanks for answering, i’ve tried with different softwares, nero, cloneCD, plextools etc… alwasy same result

Have you tried monitoring your actual burn speed? Maybe your buffer empties regularly during burn?

no it’s writing at 2X and buffer is always full

I would be surprised if it was media incompatibility with Maxell media. :confused:
Have you performed a PI/PO test and a Read Transfer Rate Test on these discs?

Yes i’ve run all kind of test… the strange fact is that Maxell discs have worked perfectly with my old BTC burner…

It might be vob files corrupted or things change. Happened to me once when I burn my old ISO, it wont play, but when I ripped it again from the original dvd and burn, it works. Somehow my ISO file in the harddrive was corrupted, or something wrong with the older version DVD Shrink. That was last year.

i have a directory video_ts on my HD, if i play the files from there everything is ok, if i burn a DVD video start to pixelate

First try a different media. Maxell is usually very reliable, but they do buy from other manufacturers sometimes and you could have a bad batch, it happens. Second, try ripping again, there might have been some kind of interference (power spike or otherwise). Make sure all other applications are off and your antivirus is disabled during the burn. Good luck.

i ahven’t turned my antivirus off but i’ve always burned with it working.
It’s not a ripped DVD, it’s a production i did so i’m pretty sure of the original

situation is very clear, i was burning normally till thursday, then chenged my burner and problems came out. Is there any setting to check?

What kind of processing this movie has been gone through?
It sounds to me like some kind of non-compliance with DVD-Video standards. Software players often don’t bother much about standards.
BTW what player have you tested this movie? PowerDVD is the worst of all considering compliance (it plays every crap).

4 consumer players and 3 softwares… and with old burned worked with everyone

I use the same media as you but I don’t have a 716.I had great results with it on my Plex 708.I do know that plextor has an app that’s with your particular drive called “Auto-strategy”.In effect,if you enable it,it will find the best way to write to particular media you have trouble with(it takes 3 times though before it finds the best strategy).Give it a shot.

I’m actually shock’t you’ve had good burns with that BTC drive,they are not Grade A burners.I’ve known many people who dump’t those drives or put them under their back tires and ran over them just because of pure frustration.But by all means if you have better luck with it,stick to what works.Oh yeah,turn off everything you can running in the background.

Yes usually you should stay with working devices, but i decide to get a better burner because i wanted more performance in the near future. 716 has autostrategy but it’s not use with 2X discs, it only works swith 4X and above. I have tried to burn on different media, the burning process is ok, no errors, no warnings, nothing. You can’t just utilize your DVD on commercial player neither PCs. It seems to be something related to the burner but don’t know what try

only thing I can say is try another type of media and see what happens.

MAXELL RG01 is 2x rated media, hmm… if you say you buy 716 because you wanted more performance in the future, I would recommend buying new media. I never see a 2x burn from 716a so I can’t tell if this drive can burn well @2x (30 minutes?? wow!). However, I see PERFECT burns @8x and up. I think this drive is optimized for at least 8x burns on DVD+/-R.

Hi FabFab

I had the same video pixelation, but now the 716 works perfect…
See this thread:

Plextor 716A Verification Error


Hello Goonix,
thanks for your suggestion, actually my burner is configured as UDMA4 with an 80 pin flat cable. As soon as i get home i will try to force it to UDMA2. For who says that makes no sense using a fast burner with 2X media, it may be tru but what would you do if you had 400 disks in stock? would you trash them??