DVD VIDEO Write problem


I am using Click to DVD ( A VAIO Provided Software) to write DVDs.

I have downloaded some files (Movies) from internet and I want to write them into DVD.

Now after selecting the file to write, the software asks to convert the file ( from AVI to MPG). Now while converting, the file which was previously around 1GB comes around 8 GB and my DVD which is of 5 GB capacity is not enough to write even a single movie. :Z

I dont know how people write 3-4 movies with same capacity of DVD and with same clarity.

Kindly Help


You need to write the files as ‘data’ rather than let the program convert them to .mpg. I’m not familiar with this Sony Vaio software, but you should be able to change the settings to instruct it.

I agree their should be a setting somewhere to make it fit to a single 4.7GB DVD Disc.
However i believe that “everurssantosh” wants the film to play on dvd player therefore should not write as “data” as this would only backup the film for viewing only from the computer and NOT a standalone dvd player.

-VSO ConvertXtoDVD is best used for downloaded films but it isn’t free.

After some research there is a fit-to-disc function in the software which should help you!

[QUOTE=Scorpio721;2122571]After some research there is a fit-to-disc function in the software which should help you![/QUOTE]


I have tried everywhere in the Software. But I am unable to find the Fit-To-Disk function there.

I m writing a video which is a wmv file of 675 MB. Now after conversion the size of the Movie is around 7.7 GB. :a

Now, I dont know how I am going to fit it into a DVD of 4.7 GB capacity.

Is it really not possible to write a movie to a DVD of 4.7 GB capacity??

Please help me


If you are willing to try a different program, I’d suggest using FAVC. You can convert avi or wmv to dvd-video format, make a menu if you want several videos included in the dvd, and you can even set it to burn automatically with ImgBurn (a free, highly recommended burning program). You can set it to make your dvd fit a single layer disk (4.37gb) or output to fit a dual layer 7.98bg.

FAVC is free to download and use: http://favcfavc.googlepages.com/
You’ll need Net 2.0 and AviSynth installed, but they are free as well, and there are direct links to them at the FAVC site. I recommend using the HC encoder that is included with the program.