DVD-Video with Roxio EasyCD Creator Classic?



Is it possible to create a DVD-Video disk playable in a standalone DVD player using Roxio Easy CD Creator Classis v6?

I know nero has a template for this, but it seems to just set up AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS directories. Can’t I do the same thing manually with Creator Classic?

Roxio came with my burner. If only Ahead had a competitive upgrade, I’d jump on it!


If EZ has a UDF/ISO template like Nero does,you may be able to write a dvd.Use
an DVD- RW to test this out,and write back. Good Luck


I tried out EasyCD. Turns out you just need to make a UDF type disk with the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS directories. I put the contents of a DVD Shrink Rip into the VIDEO_TS directory and burned a DVD+R.

The disk plays in all three of my standalone DVD players and my PS2 as well.