DVD/Video TS/Iso to ipod problems

Ok ive got Video TS file/video TS burned to DVD (sucessfully) and an iso of the same file.

I have tried eveyrwhich way in

DVDfab platinum
and Videora

And not one does a full converiosn that works to ipod.

On DVDfabplat its says complete when its only 14% done and the vidoe plays its just cut way short. This is the bes so far cuz its great quality just cut off.

On handbrake i get the error “header missing skipping one byte” repeadedly at the end.
Its scrolls endlessly.

Super can only do them so theyre unjoined and if i convetr the VOB’s with super then join them with another prog i have to convert again as ipod doesnt recognize the “joins” then when i convert again theres no sound and the quality is crap.

Videora is the same as super and what i sue to do that conversion that loses the sound

Im totally stuck here…


Handbrake is an app problem that will be solved in new release.

DVDFabplat is only converting the 1st VOB file for some reaosn, even though it recognizes all 3…