DVD Video to Audio CD Guide

I have just printed off this from club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=139536 and I wonder if this will produce audio in MP3 or WMA formats to enable it to be played in cd and mp3 players or will I have to take extra steps in converting them?
Thanks for your help

Looking at the link you indicate it seems you need a second step to produce one of the compressed formats you refer to, as “audio CD” may refer to .wav files.

Thanks for the information. I am brand new to this and haven’t a clue in areas. I did follow the above listed guide to successfully put a copy of the audio only files onto my hard drive using dvd decrypter and it appears to have done what I needed, that being copy only audio files. Now I need to know how to convert them for use with cd and or mp3 players. I did download belight and besweet but have now idea how to use them. These programs do not list vob files though, the copied audio files are listed as vob.
Thanks in advance

This is a free,easy to use,program to change your format from wav to mp3 ,etc.When the trial period ends, the program will still do anything you need in most cases.

Thanks for the information.