DVD Video Settings in NeroVision

Within Nero Vision, you are able to change some settings for DVD Movies, such as “Video Options->DVD Movie->Aspect Ratio” and transcoding quality etc.

None of these settings, except for the PAL/NTSC encoding setting, is available from the Nero Vision API/XML it would seem.

After quite a bit of testing with Nero Vision 2/3, and Nero SDK 1.05, we have found that the “4:3” aspect ratio is the default when using the API. Ideally we’d like to use the “Automatic” setting. It also seems to use one of the lower transcoding quality settings.

How can these be changed? If not via the API, is there a registry setting where the default settings are kept for example? Changing from within Nero Vision, saving, then quit - does not make a difference when used from the API.

Any help with this would be appreciated, thanks.

Can someone from Ahead please respond one way or another to this?

I am saving the same problem also…
Has anyone solved this?
thank you,