DVD-Video region converting?

I just got a DVD+R drive and would like to know if the following is possible.
Is the a way I can dump a image of Region 3 PAL DVD to my hard drive, convert it to All-Region/Region 0 NTSC and then burn it back to a DVD+R with out losing the menus and all the other extra stuff provided they fit on the DVD+R?

Isn’t the region code nothing more than a value you can edit in a hexeditor after copying your dvd to you hard disc?

Duhhhh, I dunno I’m a newbie.

After the regional code there the issue of playing a PAL video on an NTSC system (or the other way around) though so you would still need to convert the MPEG2 files.

Ooops, I forgot about this…EDIT use ReMPEG to reencode the file and IFOEdit to remux it. That might work. You will find more on this on www.doom9.org.

for PAL to NTSC conversion you´ll need a program that´s capable of this conversion, as it´s more than just a name change (for instance, NTSC has more frames/sec, and PAL has more lines)
With some rip programs you can convert the file you’re ripping to all regions (for instance, with Smartripper); this won’t change PAL or NTSC encoding.