DVD-VIDEO protection download (protect disc)

Does anyone know were i can download for free a DVD-VIDEO/MOVIE copy protection software?


Why do you do double posts?

sorry, my mistake. :frowning:

I deleted your double post hybridsoul. For your protection software I would recommend using google as the industry spends millions of dollars to protected their DVDs and all these protections are totally useless I doubt you’ll find a free and working alternative. When you found one let us know.

There is a program that can do just that its called: DVD Copy Protector beta, google it, or visit this link:


they will tell you all about it and the software is free.

Thanks for the help, i’ll post here if i found somehting

the beta version at forum/doom9 is still in under major modifications…

im looking for a low level dvd video copy protection that is working, i’ve found the http://www.protectdisc.com/With_FL/html/products.html but there is no demo version.

if anyone knew were i can download it, please tell me or any other dvd video copy protection software…