DVD Video Problem

Hi everyone,

I hope you can help me solve this little problem I’m having.

When i try to create a DVD Video (using the latest version of Nero Recode 2), everything burns successfully, apart from the fact that the DVD wont play in my standalone DVD player (but will in my PCs DVD drive). I;ll try again, using the same process and files, and then it will work!

Is this a problem with my drive (the BTC 1004 with firmare 0250) or the discs i;m using (the Ritek G04’s). Should updating the firmware make any difference.

Its not a major problem, just ones thats annoying and costing me discs (and therefore money!!)

Many thanks in advance

  1. use the latest firmware 0051
  2. try the bitsetting tool

you get it at http://www.btc.com.tw/english/3-1-4driver_download_dvd_dual.htm
there is also a how-to

Sounds like a frustrating problem. I’ve never heard of that before. Maybe try a different brand of media if I ventured a guess. Is is the latest version of Nero? I personally had better luck with CopyToDVD than with Nero for making movies that play well in stand alone players. You may wish to give that a try.