DVD-Video Plug-in?

Yeah, I’m definately a Newbie. I just finished installing my ND 3550A. I put a DVD from Blockbusters in it just to WATCH the movie, and I get the message from Nero that I have to BUY a DVD-VIDEO plug-in. What gives? Any DVD player from WalMart will play a DVD. Is my NEC drive not the same thing? Is there Freeware available? Thanks in advance…Ken

do you have any dvd player software on your pC, like Power DVD or WinDVD

Those work great BTW and Nero may have a free update for your 6.0 OEM! Check the update site!

It sounds like the version of nero that is included with it is not a full version (which is nit that uncommon with some oem versions). As sugested, try updating nero as that sometimes unlocks features (I’m guessing it is not suposed to but sometimes it does). Power dvd or win dvd are both good players too. Here are a few players if you want to try finding a free one.
Fyi, doesn’t windows media player play dvd if you update to the newest version?

i never noticed it was a message from Nero :doh:

The dvd video plugin used to be sold seperatlly from the main nero program. It has been included for free with nero for a while with the full retail version but I think some oem versions still do not include it.

have you tried to hit ok and play it anyway?

i get the message that I need a plugin each time I try to use nero vision express, but it seems like every dvd i make with it comes out just fine the whole way through.

i have no idea why.

I downloaded AnyDVD trial version and this program gives me the message that "Video cannot be displayed on the monitor because:

  1. “Another app. is using the video” …that’s not the case
  2. “Low video memory” …I set display to 256 colors and lowest resolution
  3. “The display adapter is incompatible with the DVD decoder” …don’t even know what/where ‘display adapter’ is. The video card is an nVIDIA TNT64
    Any more suggestions? I hit ‘Play’ anyway and the DVD player came up showing a running progress meter, but just my normal desktop under that screen.