DVD-Video Plug-in required

After decrypting a DVD to my hard drive, I import the title with Recode 2, if I preview any tracks with Dolby Digital 5.1-channel sound I get a box saying Dolby Digital 5.1-Channel decoding is not available and that it is available with the Multi-Channel Plug-in. And if I preview a track with Dolby Digital 2-Channel sound I get a box saying that Dolby Digital 2-Channel decoding is not available and that it is available if I install the DVD-Video Plug-in. If I ignore these messages and burn the title anyway everthing seems to be fine. I have the MPEG2 plug-in installed. I thought that this was the DVD-Video Plug-in.

Many thanks

I get the same error when I click the “Copy to Nero Digital” option. First I get a screen whichsas “Multichannel plugin required” then I get a box which says “DVD video plugin required”

I am using Nero 6 OEM and also installed the DVD video plugin separately.

I am a bit conused what to do next :confused:

Hi, I’m not sure I am posting this to the right thread - I might have needed opening a new one- but please bear with me. I am using AnyDVD-CloneDVD in order to have my copies of DVD titles to fit into a single DVD. I have the trial version and before committing to bying it I thought to give a try to the DVD-Decrypter and Nero recode combination. I had Decrypter get the vob files and everything to a folder in my hdd and started Nero recode (latest version, downloaded 3 days ago). When I try to begin, it gives a message about a DVD plug-in needed and does not start at all. In Nero’s website says this plug-in is now incorporated… Does anyone know what’s the matter?

That’s the same problem I’m having, so unfortunately I can’t help you.

Mmmmm, I’m sure the problem you are having and mine are closely related, but at least you did preview the movie, whereas I cannot get past the first screen you get after you click on Recode’s shortcut. It doesn’t make a difference which of the three options available I point to. Anyone having used Nero Recode? Should I install Nero all over again?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean exactly. Can you open Recode at all?

No, as a matter of fact, I cannot. When I click on the shortcut, it starts Recode straight on to a screen giving me three options about copying a DVD or processing existing data and so on, but all options are unavailable to select due to the inability to find this plug-in (or so it says in the error message).

I have this problem with nero showtime. I have installed de dvd plugin but when I start nero showtime I get the same message. when I go further than the movie plays but there is no sound.

The plug-in’s are included in Nero 6, however, separate serial numbers are required for activation. To see what is activated, click on the flaming Nero logo (top left) then click the Serial Numbers Tab. Even though I had “Nero 6 Ultra Edition” activated, I still required a “Power Pack” activated to get rid of “available plug-in” messages.

I have found that if I compress to a custom size which allows 10Mb per minute of video I can get good quality video and 2-ch sound BUT ONLY if I use the Fast Encoding (1-pass) option, NO sound available with High Quality (2-pass) option???

I hope this helps!

Regarding the no sound issue…in the Nero Digital guide by Doom9 viewable at http://www.doom9.org/nerodigital.htm it says “You can decide between 2 channel (Stereo) and 6 channel audio (5.1-channel surround). Keep in mind that in order to use 6 ch audio, you’ll need an analogue 5.1 output that is hooked up to your speaker system”

I hope this helps!

There must be some problem with my system, as it’s started doing “funny” things, such as not opening Plextools and re-booting by itself…, weird. I think I will have to format my boot hdd and report back again in case the problem is resolved that way.

To give you an update of things, due to a problem with the VGA driver, I had to format my HDD -about time too, with XP this is my first format in 2 years, whereas before it was every 3 months- and re-install everything, Nero included. I had the exact same problem (with Nero and I manage to solve it by downloading the DVD plug-in. Strange thing is, it’s supposed to be included. Anyway, no problems now.

With the latest releases of Nero 6, Ahead has been able to stem the tide of illegal serials. Most of the inactivated plugins are a result of this. Even locating and installing the plugins will not solve this problem.

That’s nice to hear. I can add here that I am using the demo version (until I decide between Recode and CloneDVD2) of the programme and by downloading the DVD plug-in I can continue my evaluation.

There is also the problem of the inactivated Multichannel Audio plugin for some. No Dolby audio available only LPCM (a very large file).

DVD Plug-in

You have tu enter the serial code twice : in Nero and in Vison Express.
It happened to me and the answer was :


Dear Customer,

thanks for your email and your interest in our software.

Please enter this serial number in NeroVisionExpress, too and then you
should be able to work with this feature without any problems.

Should you have any other request, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Best regards

Nicole Seifert

Ahead Software AG

To determine if the DVD Plugin is detected, fire up Nero Vision Express.
If you get the DVD Video option at the top of the menu that appears, then it has detected the plugin. If not, then it will probably have the old menu structure for just VCD, SVCD and miniDVD. The DVD-Video plugin is wonderful. Allows you to reconvert the Nero Digital MP4’s back into DVDs as well as lots of other formats.

Well in that case the plug-in is installed correctly, but why does it prompt me to buy the plug-in when I try and preview tracks in Nero Recode? It says that I don’t have Dolby Digital and 2 Channel recording and that it’s available if in the DVD-Video plug-in.

I love you guys, had the same problem, entered a serial number in the add serial number section and my plug in is now active, great.

Spot on