DVD video not recognised

I am used to burning my own DVD’s I build from my video shots with Sony DVD Architect. I burn them with a Sony DRU-710A either on DVD-R or DVD+R.
Those DVD can be read with the Sony but the disk is not even detected by my other DVD player, on the same computer, Hitachi DVD-ROM GD-5000.
I can read on this one commercial Video DVD or data DVD.
Any one able to give me an explanation.

Hi Edgar,

I guess the drive is too old.
It doesn´t support DVD+R media, if I´m not mistaken.
Please ensure you have the latest firmware

It doesn´t support DVD+R media, if I´m not mistaken.

I am appending output of nero system test, from this it seems it support DVD-R and it the media I used for my dvd.
As far as firmware, I could not found any on Hitachi website.

Found another Link: http://www.de.gateway.com/ftp/patches/hitachidvd/v5015g002.exe

thanks Toshiba, but I have already tried this, but I can not use it. It’s a self extract zip file requesting a 3 1/4 " disk and I don’t have such drive.

Then use a bootimage (file or image on CD) and put it on a USB device, boot from it, cheat drive a: using the DOS cmd [B]SUBST[/B] and flash your drive.

sorry, I don’t know how to use "subst"
but never mind, i’m leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks, i’ll worry about this problem when I come back.
Thank you

When in DOS, just type in SUBST /? and you’ll get the help info.

I did that : subst a: d:\mypath I got a: not valid arg.
It might not be exactly the wording,k i am not home as I told you.
Thanks anyway

Maybe it’s disabled in the BIOS…

What, the drive or subst.
I think neither, as far as the drive i can read cd’s and as far as i remember even data dvd’s.

The (not installed) floppydrive (A:).