DVD-Video Modification

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Please accept my apologies if i’ve posted in the wrong thread, but i’ve not been able to find the right answer until now with the “search” command.

Question: I’ve got a dvd-video already created (with menus, extras…) containing the episodes of my favorites shows or cartoons…
Is it possible to “edit” it, and as example sobstitute one episode (bad recorded from tv!) with one with an higher quality level (coming from satellite!) ??

Thanx in advance for the helpful hints, every question will be welcome!

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You can either edit it with an mpeg editor, or you can demux it and edit it. Take a look at www.videohelp.com. In the tools section you will find some mpeg editors, there are guides and tutorials, and you can search the forum for other peoples thoughts and ideas. For each thing you can think of, you will get at least 5 or 6 different ways/opinions on how it should be done. For the minor changes you are thinking of making, almost any decent mpeg editor should work. For frame by frame editing, it is best to demux first. I actually prefer to do all my editing in DV-AVI mode. But that is just my preference.

Hallo harley2ride! Thanx for Your reply, i’ll search on Videohelp.com for other mpeg editor, different from other videohelp program that i already own!
I suppose (please correct me if i’m wrong!) that i’ll need to open the video file, and cut/paste the wrong sequence, and sobstitute it with the good one but… Is it possible to change the DVD items like menu or video/audio sequence?

How can i create a new dvd with the same menus as example? is it possible to use some kind of “reverse engineering” on the already done dvd in order to cut/modify/add items already recorded?

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You can rebuild or replace menu’s. There are numerous ways to do it. Search for “rebuild dvd”, and you will find ways to do it with dvdshrink, nero, and a host of other softwares.