DVD video is tooo slow plz helpp

i have nero 7 ultra editon and i usually burn DVD videos so i can watch them on my DVD player at home. Well i have been to this kids house who burned a DVD for me in bout 15 mintues and when ever i try to burn a (1 gig ) video file from nero it usually takes me bout 4 to 5 hours WATS THE PROBLEM plz help…it also plays the whole 2 1/2 video while burning.

Sounds like they are burning a file that is already in DVD format where as you are encoding or rencoding the files. 1 gig taking 4-5 hours seems like a long time. I know with Nero 6.6 vision express version 3.0 I get about a 1-1 ratio for encoding and burning 45 minutes of video = about 45 minutes of encoding time. If I use a 3.1 version of VE it takes more like 1.5-1 ratio to encode and burn. The other thing is that Encoding is very CPU intensive so the speed of your computer vs the other will have some effect but not 15 minutes vs 5 hours. I suggest you ask your kids what they are doing and verfiy you are doing the same thing. Otherwise give more details as to what you are doing exactly and basic machine specs.

yo i have 1 gig ram so i shoudnt have any problem with computer speeds…ma computer runs fine when i am burning the movie but it jus takes hours and hours…i really dont know bout rencoding or encoding i dont know wat they really are…before i burnied the DVD the format was AVI

and i dont know wat that kids burning program was so i cant switch to it either do u know of any fast burning software…my burner speed is 8X

Ram dosen’t really affect video encoding. If the file is an AVI it has to be encoded to be put into the correct structure for a DVD. If you are using Vision Express you are encoding the file to the correct format and structure for a DVD. The speed of your drive is not an issue as it should burn a full 4 gig dvd in less than 15 minutes. Again the ram dosen’t matter as VE is probably not using more than 80mb to run. The issue is you are converting the file from the AVI to the correct mpeg format for a dvd. This is what is very cpu intensive. You can burn the file to an image on the last screen of the VE select image or burn to a folder then you can use Nero Rom to burn a DVD Video disc by coming the files to Nero Rom to see exactly how long it takes just to burn the disc.

wat if i coverted the file to the correct DVD format before i started to burn it using Nero Vision would that make things go faster…and wat format should it be in in order to be played on a standard DVD player…and wat were u saying about burning the image file???i was totaly lost for that part mby u can take me thru step by step…i really dont understand about burning image usin nero burning rom…so plz explain ur assumption

Try to check and make sure your burner is in DMA position and your hard drive have enough free sapce plus try to defrag your hard drive also.

I have 40 gig space left in my hardrive and my harddrive is already defragmented…i jus wanted to know bout encoding my files before burning them