DVD-Video: Is this possible?

Hope this is the right forum to post this. I am a huge fan of DVDFab, so this is where I always migrate to.

In any case, I have a home DVD Server that automatically loads cover art and meta-data for store bought discs.

My copies, even bit-for-bit (clones) don’t full the server into thinking they are the originals.

Obviously I’m forced to guess at what criteria the system uses to create a unique ID to cross reference in their database.

One very obvious difference I see is that all the originals show up as DVD-VIDEO discs, where mine show up as DVD-ROM, DVD+R, etc.

Is it possible to write a DVD+R disc that is fully identical to the original? And can you force a DVD-Video bit?

I have a Lacie D2 DL recorder (TSST CD/DVDW SH-S162L USB). The latest firmware does allow booktype bit setting.

The only other thing I can think of is I think I remember hearing that consumer burners can’t write encryption and maybe they use that data to ensure it’s an original and to create a unique idea.

Please Help.


Server may be using region coding (which was probably stripped) to download correct art. ? When I clone a title to HDD and play it with WinDVD it asks me if I want to go to last position played (which was off the original disc). Clone is good enough to fool WinDVD.

Should have mentioned it, but for clarity, under DVD-Protection, I unchecked all the ‘Remove…’.

And Region 1 does show up on my cloned discs.

My strong suspicion is one of these…

  1. Under Nero Info Tool (Extended Information) Version Type is 1 for all originals, but 0 for all my clones, unless I check the ‘Copy DVD-VIDEO’ data only. Not sure exactly what that means.

  2. Original discs show up as DVD-Video. Mine show up as DVD-Video DVD+RL DL. Wondering if the machine can be picking that up?

  3. Lastly, I’m hoping/guessing that unchecking all the remove protection items means that Region, Encryption, Macrovision, etc is re-written exactly like the original…but I’m not sure. I’m thinking it could be looking at that too.

Any and all help, ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Hi kenb,

Welcome to the forum. If you are using DVD+R discs, you must change the settings on the common settings page.

Regards, Barry. :slight_smile:

Hi Ken

Please clarify for me that this server plays discs and not files from a HDD, and explain what it does with the art and metadata it loads. We can only guess as to how much spying this box is actually doing, but until you know, I would be very careful about playing copied media in it. I am always wary of software and devices that like to phone home alot.

I can’t tell you what kind of subtle difference there might be between a clone made the way you describe (all protection removal unchecked) and an original. You could get one of the IFO file editing tools and perhaps see, or Fengtao, the program author might be able to tell you.

Also not sure what setting Barry White was advising you to change in Common Settings. Maybe he will post again to clarify. I burn +Rs with the booksetting box checked with good results.

Does the server software/manufacturer have a website?

Yes Signals, That was what I was trying to say tick the booktype as kenb made no mention to this, but burns +r’s

Typical me, typing too fast brain 2 days away!!! :confused:

HAHA thought so but didn’t want to put words in your mouth.

Don’t really understand this box that kenb has. And I may be a little paranoid about the phone-home thing, but that doesn’t mean the copyright police aren’t watching.

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No your not paranoid! I am also very cautious of the E.T. thingy