DVD-Video in Nero 6 reloaded



With respect to the DVD-Video plugin, the Nero web-site says

“The DVD-Video Plug-in is already included in the Nero 6 Reloaded Retail Box and the web version.

Does this mean that if I download Nero 6 and pay on-line for the registration key, DVD-Video will be included?

Elsewhere, on the web-site is says:

The DVD-Video Plug-in is included in the Nero 6 Retail Box (Des: note: no mention of ‘web-version’ here) . It can also be obtained from our onlineshop.




everything is already included you just need the proper serial to unlock that function.


Ahhh, So everything is included, in that nothing extra need be downloaded, but it is still an independently costed item? I.e One has to buy Nero 6 reloaded and also buy a DVD-Video licence?


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heya folks,

you obviously appear to have sorted this problem out :bow: ,
so i was wondering if you could pass along your wisdom
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i’ve got the same problem and can’t seem to fix it. :confused:

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There’s nothing to do :

1- rip your Video DVD with DVDDecrypter (free)
2- shrink your rip with DVDShrink (free) (=> need to produce a .ISO file for 3b)
3a- burn the DVD Video with Nero 6 Reloaded (not free)
or 3b- burn the DVD Video with DVDDecrypter (free)


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Please anybody hlep me!!! :sad:
I can’t burn the SVCD photo slide show with nero I think I need to do some setting changes. I mean i could burned it but I can’t see it on the other pcs or the DVD players.Is this somthing to do with ISO settings?