Dvd-video i need help please



:confused: i just got a tv/dvd plyer in my car and bad thing is the only dvd format it can read is dvd-video and vcd (vcd quality sucks and i can fit as much info on it). i tryed a dvd+r and even made a dvd+rom and it didn’t play.i am pretty good with dvd authoring software i have ulead dvd workshop and TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6 an access to all kinds of other software. i made this dvd in dvd workshop it’s a bunch of music videos ( menus and all). what i wanna know is can i some how make a dvd that will read as a dvd-video. please help


You have to check what DVD discs your car player supports - some players support only DVD-R, for example, so DVD+R. Also, for DVD-video you need special burning, check your software’s special option. But if you are trying to read a data DVD with the player, you probably have no chance.


it read dvd-video. do u have any suggestions or programs i can get to burn in this format


What software did you use to record the dvd’s?

Most of the recording software has the option, where you put in the Video_ts and (optionally) audio_ts folders. But it is a separate option from the plain data burning.


i can use any software you can think of that i can use. but i have clonedvd2 ,TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6, and Ulead DVD Workshop , Ulead DVD MovieFactory 3 Disc Creator.if u have any other programs that can work please let me know