DVD Video from AVI and more questions

I don’t want to sound like a newb, but I can’t find help anywhere. How can I use Nero to make a DVD-Video from an AVI file, or put multiple AVI movies on a DVD, if possible?

Also, how would I go about copying the new Scarface onto one DVD? If I even can, because it’s over 8 gigs.

Thanks for any help.

This is not my area of expertise but I can offer suggestions and ideas. Start here for .AVI advice, chickenman knows his stuff. I’m thinking that the .AVIs have to be turned into an MPEG stream, MUXed correctly, and then be pumped into .VOB format with working .IFOs. You can post general questions in this forum.

As for scarface, is it a flipper? We don’t have these in Australia but you can search on flipper to see what’s been discussed. If it’s a DVD-9 (dual-layer) then you’ll need to rip and transcode, to get it onto a 4.37GB recordable, with:

SmartRipper - straight rip
DVD Decrypter - straight rip
CloneDVD + AnyDVD - rip & transcode
Nero + AnyDVD - straight rip
DVD Shrink - rip & transcode
Alcohol 120% + AnyDVD - straight rip
DVD2One + AnyDVD - rip and transcode
InstantCopy 8 - suits advanced users
…and there are others

Nero just reads and writes, mostly used to write the transcoded files.

I suggest a Main-Movie-only effort (with audio of course and a subtitle if required). The extras just aren’t worth the reduction in quality. Depending on the rip depends on what you do next in terms of transcoding then burning

Transcoding advice.

Thanks, looks like I’ll have some good reading material for a while.

And Scarface is not a flipper. I don’t know how to tell if it’s a DVD-9, though. But I will find out.