DVD Video files does not have driver letter

When I go to browse no drive is present. I have did reinstall and even updated the windows registry. What gives? help :sad:

Have you made sure the ide cable is correctly inserted?

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Do windows explorer see the drive?

Check in device manager to see if there are some yellow markers

It is connected. Drive works fine with everthing else but clone dvd. Still works on other programs just not this one.

No yellow markers looks good

What is this exactly? I mean what did you do exactly?

Uninstall and reinstall CloneDVD.

I did An uninstall and reinstall for anydvd and dvd clone. That did not work. I saw a post about a windows update last week causing similar problems freezing the program up and not showing the video _ file when you browse. I made the changes it requested in the registry. It stop freezing up after that but still will not reconize the drive letter when i browse to look for the movie

CloneDVD2 can not see drive.
You can see drive in “My Computer”.
Their are no conflicts showing in “Device Manager” for this drive.
Other programs can see and use this drive.
In AnyDVD option - Settings / Drive Tab - Does drive show up? Is it Ticked?