DVD video copy protection - how to add it



can any1 give the name of any utility that help me to protect my DVD video DVD’s?

i know the protection can be beaten, but most of the pelople dnt know how to do it :wink: :Z :iagree:
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Its really not worth time/money! We have many people ask this Q and most of them get the same answer. All commercial protections have been cracked (CSS etc), and AFAIK there are no shareware/freeware progs to “protect” and a home made DVD. Sorry



and “payware”? are there any?





what does AFAIK means?


As far as I know



ok, tank you for the information on all my Qs


I hear that X-Copy pro will let you keep the factory protection.

Haven’t ever used it myself though.


here says x-copy had been discontinued :frowning:


uhh, is there a way to add your very own CD Key to your back up copies or something you burn onto your own DVD? if you guys follow what i mean, cause i would rather have a cd key i only know then a protection which can be beaten, i mean its posible for the cd to be cracked but yea… I rather trust in having my own CD-Key, ye please help if u can :bow: :confused:


Duplicator towers now available with built-in copy protection for DVD:

Obviously going to be crackable by the pros and talented amateurs but should stop your Average Joe trying to copy the DVD.

For a higher level of copy protection then you can get a software solution:

Obviously going to be crackable again by the pros but should stop many from copying your DVD.


i can make best protection for dvd video .
it can not copy by any dvd copy program.
i test it with DVD Decrypter, iso buster. and…
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hi please tell me how?


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