I have a collection of AVIs and i would like to convert them to a dvd with a menu which i have created.

Nero vision i have used and it seems that the menu is fine but the audio on them is not in sync with the video.

when i use convert X to dvd it works fine but the menu is very limited and it does not allow me to make it how i want it too.

the combination of dvdstlyer and DIKO seem to allow me to have that freedom how ever it took nearly 5 hours to convert it. I dont really have that time for the amount i want to convert.

is there any program which will allow me simply allow me to create and malinulate the buttons where i want them or does any person know of a program which can change a already made dvd menu.

any useful advise would be great


Hey Joe… You need an encoding and authoring software to do this. Nero is ok, but not good. Convertx2dvd is good, but not that fast. I need more specifics on what you want to do. You say you have multiple avi’s, that you want to add a menu to. Will all avi’s have the same menu? Do you want them all on one DVD? How many AVI’s do you have, and what size are they?


You need some DVD authoring software, like DVDit or Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0.


If you don’t like the menus created by CXD, you can try DvdLab Pro. It has very good menu creation capability. To speed up the menu creation process while not touching the CXD files, you can substitute some small video instead of importing the CXD files. After you finish compiling in DvdLab Pro, use DvdReMake Pro to substitute the CXD files over the small video.

If all you want is to change some navigation of an already made CXD menu, DvdReMake Pro is the right tool for it.