DVD - Video & 2G Limit

I have been trying to play some DVD - Video files on my standalone DVD player.

I firstly only had Nero OEM which i could record a DVD-Video less than 2Gig onto DVD -R, so i went out and purchased Nero 7 Ultra. I was surprised to find out that the full version had the same limitations.

I therefore tryed the other format suggested in the forums DVD - ROM (UDF). Unfortunately this does not play in my standalone DVD player.

Is there anyway of getting greater than 2Gig in the formate of DVD - Video onto a DVD -R???

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Nero OEM or retail have nothing to do with your problem of burning limitation open the Nero Burning ROM select DVD Video format use good brand of blank DVD and burn you file I am sure you will not have any problem playing the burnt disc in your stand-alone DVD player.

Yeah i have no problems as long as the file is less than 2 Gig!!!

My guess is you are using the wrong program to burn your video.

I’ve only used Nero Burning ROM for data files. I believe a data DVD has a different structure than a video DVD.

I’ve edited and burned a few movies and I used Nero Vision Express.

I also have Nero 7 Ultra. I opened Nero Vision 4 with the “Make Your Own DVD-Video” option. Next, I added the captured video file. I am not limited to 2 gb and I have been able to add files as large as 3.99 gb to my project.

Note: I was transferring VHS to an ATI capture card and it splits any file greater than 4 gb at the 3.99 size.

Where are these movie files coming from?

Are you converting AVI to DVD movie or what? What app creates these movie files 'cos that’s where the problem lies.

I am using WinAVIVideo Converter to produce the DVD movie from an AVI file.

Cheers Steve and Jeff i gave your suggestion a go and bingo. I have a movie greater than 2Gig on a DVD that plays on my standalone DVD player.

You are fast. It took me a week to figure out Nero Vision Express :bigsmile: