DVD Video @ 16 x on 1620?


Yesterday night i burned 3 DVD Videos with Nero. The VOBs where created by Adobe Encore. Plus I added some pictures as ROM content. I created a NERO DVD Image before I burnt them.

As Media I used Fujis +R 8x TY02 and burned 2 at 16 x speed and 1 at 12 x speed. After burning I performed Nero Quality test and had quite good results.

Today I wanted to try the discs. All of them have the same problem:
Files appear in correct size an everything. But they have NO content! Opening an image in a text editor just shows blank spaces.

What did I do wrong? Any ideas?

As soon as I get home I’ll try burning them at 8x speed and let you know if that was the problem.



Interesting. I encountered the same problem. I think the creation of the Nero DVD Image is faulty. Personally I’ll avoid using the Nero DVD Image from now on.

I have never had that problem but have used nero because I didn’t know of any other programs to use.

What program will you use now to burn the video_ts folder to DVD?

Even with the Nero Image drive the disc wouldn’t work.

Nero WAS faulty. I was using Upgrading to and everything works fine!

Now it works fine.