Dvd & vhs



I tried to copy compact video cassettes to dvd on a dvd vhs recorder. It tells me it is protected. Is there any way to copy these.


I don’t have any VHS-c or anything to play them so I can’t do any testing.
From what I’ve read about them most are from camcorders so shouldn’t be copy protected.
So first are these “home movies” or something commercial ?

What are you using to play the VHS-C tapes ?

I also read in another post you made you have a GREX. That should be able to remove any copy protection on your VHS-C tapes . At least I think it should.


Plus DVD neXt Copy is made to make a back up of a commercial compliant DVD not home movies.


@ Dr. Who , I answered anyway because I thought it was just a lost newbie that wasn’t sure where to post.


No you’re fine. The help here I find not having to always reply to people which is appreciated.


One way of getting around this problem is to copy the VHS tapes to a separate DVD recorder with a macrovision remover device between the two machines.
http://www.xdimax.com/grex/grex.html it’s not copying…it’s backing up