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[qanda]This thread is about the Panasonic DIGA DMR-EZ48VK - DVD recorder/ VCR combo. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Not certain if this should be a question, comment, observation…; also the unit I have has a slightly different product number; DMREZ485V. It was purchased as a ‘refurb’ with a 90 day warranty for a price considerably lower than a new unit. My thinking however was similar to buying a salesmens demo auto, the bugs should be worked out. Sadly, they were not all worked out.
I closed the sale on 11/24 this year, took delivery from UPS 12/2 and proceeded to setting it up. My primary reason for buying this combo device was over the past several decades I made dozens of tapes in the VHS format and eventually would transfer them to DVD. The DVD part seemed to work okay as far as I could see doing a quick walk thru but the cassette section would momentarily ‘read’ for a second or three, then eject the cassette but keeping back a portion of the tape which would be broken trying to remove the cassette. Tried cassettes with the secutiry tab intact and also with the tab removed but the results were always the same until the 4th or 5th one which it kept.
Now what to do? Could I call it a “DOA” since it seemed at least half the unit might work properly and elected to get in touch of the vendor which ultimately proved as successful as the postings I read re help from “Panasonic”. Couldn’t get off dead center with the vendor so went to Panasonic. The first question was when was it purchased? I told them the date the sale closed but insisted I didn’t have it in my possession for almost a full week, it was in transit. No difference, the warranty started the day the sale was made…, Now that don’t seem right, does it?
I eventually got a shipping label from Panasonic and the unit is on it’s way to Elk Village, Ill for a look-see but after reading the woes about this place I’m worried, to say the least. Nevertheless, being an old codger existing on social security I have no other recourse. As of this writing, my 90 day warranty is about one third used up already and I only had the recorder/player powered up for about two hours…,
Does anyone if this repair service notifies you when the item is being returned so one can watch for delivery?
Thanks for the time.


IMO when you have problems with referb units your first step is to contact or return the unit to the seller.


The 485 is just a rebadged 48. It’s sold at wholesale clubs like Sams and Costco and the only difference is a HDMI cable is included in the box.
If you purchased your unit on 11/24 their should be no problem getting it serviced now with your 90 day warranty (it’s been less than 30 days). Personally I’ve read good things about Panasonics Elk Grove Ill repair center. My guess is they’ll get it fixed and back to you in a couple weeks. Note the Christmas mail rush may slow that down by a week or so but that’s not really Panasonics fault.
Good luck on your repair:)


The corporate Panasonic Service Center in Elk Grove Village is the only place with Panasonic experts and all the necessary parts to return Panasonics to new or better than new functional condition.

I hope that you included with your machine a description, similar to that in your post, so the specific problem(s) with the EZ485 may be addressed and corrected in a prompt and efficient manner.

Yes there are those critical of the Panasonic Service Center at Elk Grove Village. But for every dissatisfied person (that may post “a tale of woe”) there are probably one hundred others fully satisfied persons (that do not post describing their experience).

Shipping through UPS Ground is the variable factor, especially this time of year. Elk Grove Village is near Chicago’s O’Hare airport. The down time, from shipping the machine off to Elk Grove Village until it is returned is usually no more than two weeks.