DVD/VCR LVC-9015G remote problems

I bought this Liteon combo a year ago, the remote is a RM-91, and I’m past the warranty. It gets heavy daily usage, and a few weeks ago I noticed the “enter” button on the remote was getting more difficult to press to get a reaction on screen.

I tried looking for the Liteon website on where to purchase a new one, but kept getting turned around with no results. If anyone can point me in a direction to where I could by a new remote for this system, preferrably on one their websites, that’d be great.

Also, I got fed up and actually tore the enter button out to see if there was anything I could manually press. (Yeah, I know that was probably one of the more horrible things to do) When I looked in the hole it seemed like the pad on the button wasn’t connecting to the pad inside the grid in the remote properly. It still “works” but it’s now only slightly less difficult to press, and now has a bit more random results.

What I’m saying is, either I need a new remote, or any ideas on how to get the “enter” function working properly again in this one.