DVD + VCR in one

Hi all,

Does anyone know of any good uk deals on dvd + vhs player in one? I’m looking for DivX playback dvd wise and the video player should have 6 heads. I’ve searched a few sites, lots seem to have dvd players only (which are getting REALLY cheap, £18 with DivX!).

Please let me know if you’ve seen anything, thanks!

the only brand I can think of has this combo is the GoVideo Brand. Other than that, some unknown chinese brands.

Check the lists over at VideoHelp.com. They may have a ‘combo’ list, they seem to have every other type.

Thanks for your replies, I’ll check them out.

If you are looking for really cheap player then remember that good “English Man” which said I am not rich enough to buy the cheap goods.

I don’t get it, and who’s the good English man?

Please explain…

Saw the Sony DVD burner + VHS in one @ the shop in the USA so you could google for it