DVD/VCR combo - DVD not recognizing DVD+RW disc



Hello - I searched to see if I could find anything to help me, but didn’t come up with an answer. I am generally great with electronics and gadgets, but DVD/VCR recorders are apparently beyond me. I don’t know what to do. Tried googling the error message but didn’t find anything…here’s the story

I have a Toshiba D-VKR3SU DVD/VCR combo and watch store bought DVDs all of the time. Now, I decided to finally record some stuff from my DVR and from my camcorder. I just tried to insert a new, blank Memorex DVD+RW disc to start the ball rolling and after “processing it a bit”, the DVR spit it out saying “the disc can be neither played nor recorded. Please check the disc”.

I’ve tried several discs. They are all brand new and I get the same error message. User manual says that this is a supported disc type. Is it the type of disc? Is there some formatting option some where that isn’t easily found in the user manual? shouldn’t i just be able to put the disc in, select play on my DVR and start recording?

Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.


My first thought would be the recorder doesn’t like the media. Try a different brand. Verbatim is the most reliable and provides the most consistent results.

You may also want to contact Toshiba and see if there are any firmware updates.


Try using DVD-RW instead of the +RW as this might help you but no guarantees that it will


thank you all for the ideas. i am off to Best Buy this evening to buy other discs as recommended. I’ll let you know if they do the trick. Thanks and happy holidays.