Dvd TV Recorders

Hello all,

I’ve got myself a yamada 8400x settop tv recorder. As it only records directly from TV, the recording speed is very slow (1x on highest quality!).

This should apply to all other members using such devices, unless there are some of you recording HDtv out there!

Can anybody recommend which media are of good quality at 4x or less and where i could get some in the uk.

All the latest posts on the forum are obviously about 8x or 16x media.


4x discs are extremely difficult to get hold of nower days. What format does the recorder take? Can you shop online? If so this place still has some TY 4x -R discs: http://www.dvdshoponline.co.uk/Taiyo_Yuden.html (I can’t comment on the service as I don’t shop online) I am assuming you don’t want printable.
http://svp.co.uk/products-list.php?bid=0&cid=184 This is 1-2x TDK G02 at £4.99 for 50 (someone will have to say what sort of quality this is as I have never used them)