DVD troubles

Hi everyone. I have a Ricoh dvd writer and it only recognises memorex 2.4X discs R+. So i thought get a different dvd writer so i bought a Liteon dvd which is 8X dvd +R,4X DVD RW, 4X DVD -R and 2X DVD-RW guess what it doesn’t recognise any 4X or 2.4X of any make. The icon in my computer changes from DVD to cd and if i try and access the drive with one of the discs in it comes up with incorrect funtion. Any help would stop my ulcer from flareing up when i try and use the dvd writer. Many thanks

You did nort state the model number of the lite-on drive, so we can’t see what media it supports.
All DVD writers have a internal list of what media it can write at top speed with, this is one of the main reasons why there are so many firmware revisions (especially lite-on).
Go to their site and see if there is an updated firmware file on there.
If that does not help then come back with the model number of your drive and the makes of DVD’s that don’t work and well see if it is the media or something else.
Good luck:)

Hi there Petera, The model is LDW-851sw. Will it harm the drive if I upload The firmware?. Thanks for replying to my problem.

I have uploaded the firmware but still no joy. The DVD’s i have tried are Datawrite +R 2.4, infiniti 4X +R,Memorex 1X-4X +R. The Icon of the DVD in “my computer” still changes from DVD/CD-RW to just CD drive. Again when clicked it just says “incorrect funtion”

What burning program do you use?
If it’s nero, then put a blank disc in the drive, create a new disc (any will do) and click on the icon that looke like a cd with a ‘i’ in it.
It should show you how much you have left on the disc near the top. It it says the right ammount then it’s O.K.
Incorrect function sometimes comes up on my discs when the disc burning hasn’t complated properly. Get hold of a program called ISOBuster and let that read the disc.

I’m using nero 5, but i’m downloading nero 6 i’ll let you know how i get on. The disc’s i use are new with nothing on them but the icon still changes to cd drive and does not recognise it.

If the CD has nothing on it then it might not be anything to worry about.
Try Nero 6 and see if you can burn at full speed.

I’ll give it a try. Many thanks for all your help petera.