DVD Troubles! HELP!

Okay, so my dvd player will play movies, but I got this Oregon Trail 3 dvd-rom that is supposed to work in the dvd drive. However, when I install it, it will install just fine. But then, I click play, and a popup says “To run The Oregon Trail 3rd Edition: Pioneer Adventures, please put disk in drive”…but the disk IS in the drive…and NO ONE seems to know what’s going on…I emailed the comany’s customer support, but they sent me an auto-response (3 days later) that says that the only support they can give me is the info that they have on their website (which is practically nothing at all) Can someone please help? I only have so much hair left to yank out!:wink:

Is this a stand-alone dvd player, or is it a dvd drive in your computer?

In either case, what make and model do you have?

The drive is in the computer. It says GDR8161B…so I guess that’s the model…if not, then everyone will think I am some sort of idiot…:slight_smile: (I really hope I’m right!)

The manufacturer is LG (Lucky Goldstar). Googled a bit and found it is a 16x dvd rom drive, but not much else.

For some reason your dvd is simply not starting up. What program do you use to watch movies? Are you using WinDVD or PowerDVD or something else?

Have you tried inserting the dvd into the drive, clicking on My Computer and right clicking the dvd-rom drive there? You’ll get a drop down list—try Explore. You should be able to open the folder and get to the VIDEO_TS file this way. Try double clicking on this file and see what happens. Probably nothing, but worth a shot. (Edit: Tried this on one of my movies and I still had to designate the drive to PowerDVD, so it probably won’t solve anything)

Any other dvd players available to you for testing? Just to see if it will play in something.

If you have PowerDVD or WinDVD you can play dvd files on the hard drive. As a last resort, you might use DVDDecrypter to put the contents of the disk on the hard drive, then play it with one of those applications. Assuming DVDDecrypter can find it of course.
Seems like a lot of trouble just to watch a dvd, but am not sure how else to advise you.

Hope some of this helps, cause angel princesses look terrible without hair! :slight_smile: