Dvd trouble from a newbie

Hello all, I am hopeless with pc’s and need a hand. I successfully wrote home video to dvd(imation DVD+RW 4x). Plays fine on notebook (ToshibaPSMC3A-06N08)but other dvd players wont play it. Driver is Matshita UJ-850s ATA.
Please help:a

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RW media are not the very best for standalone players, because can be really difficult to read.

I suggest to try again with a write once disc, better if you use a +R disc changing the booktype as ROM.

If your standalone is rather old, another option is to get a new player. Some recent standalones have also an USB port, so you can read multimedia files also from an external HDD (it’s no more needed to burn on a RW disc first ;))

Also I would use better media

Thank you for the replys, My note book is one month old. I can not even get my cd-dvd to play disks now. This is so frustrating, speically when I am not very great with this sort of thing.

Jimbo, you say to use better media. Could you go further to explain what you mean?

Geno888, are you saying I am better to use DVD-R rather than DVD-RW. Can you explain more to me about external HDD? :confused:

I am sorry I am so PC illiterate. :eek: I really appreciate your feed back.

Thanks again

Wayne New Zealand

Usually a rewritable disc contains more errors after the burn, and some standalones are not able to correctly handle a disc if it contains too much errors. In some standalones, moreover, the firmware is purposely locked so you can’t use a burned disc, but only pressed media.

In this latter case the player can be “cheated” using a little trick: burning a DVD [B]+R[/B] disc changing the booktype in ROM, so the player see the burned disc as if it is a pressed media. Very often this is sufficient to make an usable disc.

Regarding the external discs, what I meant is to buy a standalone with an USB port, so you can use a hard disk that can be plugged in the USB connector and you can play movies on your television directly from the hard disk :slight_smile:

Just to give you an example about external discs, take a look here :slight_smile:

Another interesting alternative are the multimedia hard drives (see here an example)

I hope that this can help :slight_smile: