DVD tray will not open 5045

Hi. I have been given a Liteon 5045 (due to friend upgrading to one with integrated freeview). I got it home plugged it in and it powered up etc, all seemed OK. I went to eject the DVD tray and it made a funny noise and did nothing. Any ideas how to get the drive out so that I can see if their is a DVD jammed in it?



open the Liteon case move to your PC connect the drive cables to your PC and eject from your PC.

Thanks for that, but I use a laptop!!

find a friend with a desktop PC

Look for the eject hole in the front of the drive. Use a paperclip to release the tray by pressing through the eject hole.

You can’t get at the eject hole without removing the face plate and you can’t remove the face plate without opening the drive (catch 22) :Z

you could force the face plate off, but that would not be a good option, and you will damage it, even if you don’t plan to use the drive again, you will want to reuse the face plate.

Find someone with a Desktop PC and use it to eject the disc, once open remove the face plate, then remove the drive.