DVD Tray Opens after i close it!



HI My Name is Pedram
i Have a dvdwriter (sony)
i have a crazy problem !!!
i search for this probem in another topic , sombody have same problem but i could not find a good answer.
PROBLEM : after i close its tray , it open .i have to do it 3 or 2 times untill it stay Close.

it is not related that it was empty or i put a dvd in it.
i have 2 another optical driver in my pc that they have not any problem.
now PLZ help me if you can :bow:


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When you close the tray a mechanism drives the lower deck (including the optics and spindle) upwards to engage the upper deck. If the two parts cant be in place, then the tray opens again. This mechanism is either driven by a [B]rubber drive belt[/B] or [B]gears[/B]. It could be the belt is stretched and slipping or the gears are sticking because of dried out lubricant.


even i have the same problem, my asus dvd writer is not reading the disks, every time i start pc, the tray pops out, and every time i insert disk, the tray michanism will close and immideately open it back, its very troublesome and irritating, please do reply if u know what is best way out


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