Dvd Transfer



I intend to transfer all of my cd games on dvd’s.
For single cd games the procedure is simple:
I make an .iso image with ultraiso program(with some of the games I can’t because when I try to make .iso image ultraiso warns me that multitrack information will be lost, so I choose .nrg instead).Then I just burn those images on dvd as data disc. And when I want to play any game I just copy the image to HD and insert the image in virtual cd/dvd rom.

But with games that come on more than one cd I’m not sure what to do, do I copy all of the content of all the cd’s into one folder, and burn that folder to dvd, or I just do it like before, but this time I would have to copy all of the images on HD and so on…

I am interested in your experience cocerning this subject, and what would be the best image to create with ultraiso-.iso, .nrg, .bin or something else?

I want to do everything safe because I want to get rid off all those cd-s by a factor of 6-8.




it wont work for all games, forget it.


Because of the various software protection schemes used on the games, you will need to research all the games you are planning on backing up onto DVD, and find the best methods. In some cases Alcohol 120% may work well, in others, UtraISO may be fine. But you will need to actually test the games (install and run from the ISO) to be certain of success. And you may still end up needing no-CD cracks for many of the games. Thus all the work to research and compile all this may outweigh the benefits.


If it’s just a matter of backing up games, then you can just use clonecd to make cd images of all the cd’s and then use daemon tools, or Virtual Clone Drive to mount them at a later date, copy protection intact. Put a copy of the most recent daemon tools/VCD on the same DVD, just in case you can’t get it later;)

You can mount the images directly from the DVD.
Most recent games on CD only have a single play disk, so the only time you need to mount multiple images is when you install the game.

Then when you want to play, you can just mount the play disc image directly from the DVD, or copy the CD to the HD :wink:


Somehow I don’t think copy protection is an issue here… I don’t know why someone would want to back up their originals to DVD, because they certainly won’t be getting rid of them. But a whole spindle of burned CDs… You can see where I’m going with this :wink:


Some people like to keep their originals as original as possible.

For that reason alojne, I use them twice only.

  1. To install & check that they work.
  2. To image, so I can use the images instead of the original CD.

Don’t be so negative.