DVD tools?!?



I've just damaged the cd with all my stuff on it! (snif) So now I'm flying around the Inet searching all my favorite tools & apps!
But I don't know where to find any DVD tools!
I need Remselect or ZoneSelector! Or something else to go Regionfree! (got a REALmagic Hollywood + card!)


Look at http://go.to/dvdsoft


To the point, eh?


Thanx U guys!




thanx for all the linx!
But on their pages there is no link working for Zone Selector 4.1 or DVD Genie!
Someone?!? (maybe in my mail?!)

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Hey Wookie,

You have not looked to good. Look again at http://www.dvdutils.com/ look on the right side of the screen. It says DVD Genie. It takes you to another page were you can download it. I just did. It’s DVD Genie V3.29.


Got it this time!
But no ZoneSelector 4.1!
Thanx anyway!


Check your email.