DVD Tools Development

Hello Everyone;

I need to develop something like Pinncel or MovieMaker in .NET c# to be more precise.
Can you please help me out with that, I terms like which SDk’s OR API will be better for me .

I should be able to

  1. Support media file types - MP2, MP4, MOD, AVI, WMV

  2. Allow editing & cutting slices (frames) from the media files

  3. Generate a new media file from cut slices - collage from different media files i.e. create a single film of cut frames.

  4. Add Images to this collage

  5. Add music

  6. Add graphics

  7. Add transition

  8. Author and burn this to DVD.

I thinnk i will need to buy multiple SDk’s/API for my purpose but am ready for it .
Its very urgent for me Plz help !!!

Okay I might be able to help with a few of these pointers.
First (if this is on Windows) DirectShow will be your friend for a while as you can use that to transcode the individual frames for you. DirectShow is part of M$ DirectX package and the SDK is available from the big M’s site

You could also use XP’s built in burner to author DVD’s (I guess, never really done it) again the API will be floating on MSDN somewhere.
You could always try the ImageBurner forums and see if you can gleam some info from there.

As to adding/cutting/pasting various things, you will be better prepared if you know what editing method you will use (the most popular are the photoshop style “Workspaces” (ie a big-ass file holding everything) or a script type style "chapter 1 will be “MyMovie1.avi” between 0:01 to 10:00 then “MyMovie2.avi” from 10:00 to 14:50 etc).
Once you have that sorted then hopefully most of your points will become a little bit more clear.

Good luck and don’t forget to ask at CDFreaks if you need any beta testers :slight_smile: