DVD too Big?

Hi Guys,

I was trying to copy the Billy Joel DVD. I see it’s around 7 gigs worth.
I have a LG GSA 4163B and e-performance 4.7 gig DVD discs. I used DVD decriptor to make an image, but when it came to burn the image, it tells me there is not enough space. I looked again at the original and saw it’s from 2001, and I’m sure that they didn’t have 8 gig DVD’s or double layer DVD’s in those days so how do they get 7 gigs to fit onto a normal DVD? Secondly how can I do it.


You may want to use another program to burn the image. I had the same problem. I tried to burn Inuyasha movie with DVD decryptor and it wouldn’t allow me to. It allowed me to rip the movie but said the same thing it said to you the look101. So instead of using the ISO format, I used the other one. After that I used Instant copy to burn it and it came out fine.

what does this mean when he says DVD-9 to DVD-5?

Pinnacle Instant Copy 7.0 Guide - DVD-9 to DVD-5 by mrbass found in the tutorials

DVD-9 is dual layer 8 Gig DVD. DVD-5 is single layer 4.7 Gig DVD. Instant Copy transcodes the original DVD-9 DVD so that the content can fit into a DVD-5 Disc. You will lose some quality but this will all depend on the content od the DVD as to how much quality you will lose

Double layer DVD’s has been there virtually as long as single layer discs what can come out from DVD pressing factory. BURNABLE double layer discs is diffirent thing… Just use AnyDVD and CloneDVD and select DVD-5 as target disc so CloneDVD transcodes movie to fit into single layer disc.

Yeah he’s right, what I do it just take out some of the advertising or extra features on the dvd with instant copy. That way it will fit with no problem on a 4.7 gig disc.